my babies

my babies

Sunday, January 24, 2010

People Watching....Is HILARIOUS!!!

Hey Y'all,

As I have mentioned in a previous post that money is tight for me right now so I have taken a second job. A dad at my school comes to eat lunch with his son 2 or 3 times a week owns a local restaurant. I asked him if he needed any help and low and behold I now work 2 nights a week at a barbecue joint! I just run the register and sometimes the drive-thru which is a lot like a concession stand which I truly loved doing when my girls were playing softball. Anyway, working at this place has opened my eyes to a different world of people. This is a very homey, local place so nothing "R" rated is happening and I do live (Praise the Lord) in a "dry" county. I just never realized how bizare some people go out of their houses. Do they not have mirrors?? A lady came in on Saturday night with the bushiest coal black eyebrow I have ever seen. Yes, I did say eyebrow not eyebrows there was only one and it needed a ponytail holder. Once I recovered from this sight a lady walked in with her husband and another couple to eat dinner. I have never seen a hairdo like this in my life. It was a big poofy bun literally on top of her head like a hairy round pillow. She even had 2 curlycues for long drippy sideburns. Now before you even think or say how mean I am and I should be ashamed for even putting this on my blog lets get real. How many times have I went out of my house looking what I thought was pretty good to have someone give me that look and even a big grin? A couple, that is for sure. All of us have looked at pictures of us in the past and thought, "What was I thinking???" Ambush makeover would be real busy around my community let's just say. Real busy!

Bless Y'all,


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