my babies

my babies

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Tomorrow school starts back and it will be like the first day all over again. I didn't get as much accomplished over the break as I had planned but I did make a dent. I ripped up the old carpet in Erica's former room and my daddy and me are going to put down a hardwood floor. I am moving Megan into that room and turning her old room into a "nursery" for all my future grandbabies. By the way, I got a precious picture sent to me on my cell phone of a precious little sonogram picture. He/she looks just like a jellybean!! Blake is sure it is a boy and Erica is just as sure it is a girl. As soon as I know I will post it right away. But in the sonogram picture "jellybean" sure looked like she was looking at her nails!! Back to the room exchange. Megan picked out a new paint color for her new room. I still had the wallpaper and border I had hung when Erica was in the third grade. She loved it and never wanted to change her walls. It was yellow and ivory stripes with a Laura Ashley border of pink and yellow peonies. Remember Laura Ashley stuff? So romantic and flowery. So Erica! So not Megan!! She chose a very, very bright purple for the walls. At first I thought, "YUCK!" But, I have to say it is looking pretty good. I think when it is finished both of us will be pleased. It is taking me a little longer than usual to do this project but my plate has been a little full lately. Megan goes back to school this weekend so i hope to have her room all done by the first weekend that she comes back home. She comes home every weekend. Her boyfriend lives here and goes to school close, so he lives at home. Megan is burning interstate 40 up coming and going. I have been struggling with filling up time lately. My marriage falling apart has left me with lots of idle time I have been trying to fill with projects, a second job and other things. I really don't like to sit and think. I tend to over think, over analyze. I struggle with turning things over to God. I am prone to run right back to that altar and pick that burden right back up. I know that God specializes in raising the dead. I had said in my previous post that I have watched my marriage die. I have prayed and wished and prayed some more for God to resurrect this marriage. Only His time will reveal. I don't know what I am to learn from this pit that I am mired down in, but I am waiting. I am praying that God reveals to me the way to pray and the way to grow through this trial. I am holding onto His promises and the hope God has to offer and the joy He has brought back to me through my little jellybean.

Bless Y'all,


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