my babies

my babies

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Last night at church we started a new Bible study. Our Church typically does 2 big ones a year and sometimes a shorter one in the in between seasons. This time we began "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore. This is the revised one not the one from ten years back. I did that one too and it was unbelievably good. I now have a whole new slew of stuff to break free from. The opening video was so good. At one point I cried because there are so many strongholds that people just cling and cling to for dear life. Beth said, "Strongholds always put us in isolated captivity...always." So true. I do find myself alone quite a bit and it tends to make me dwell in the pit I just seem to adore. I even hang pretend pictures in my pit just to pretty it up. Like Beth, I too, thought the Bible referred to captives as people lost in their sinfilled lives. Not so. The Biblical captives are God's People. His own. We allow Satan to keep us trapped in out captivity. It is harder than hard to let go of our strongholds. That is why they are called STRONG..HOLDS. Two words that both tell of their strength and power. I recommend this study to every woman out there in the blogging world. The anxiety I feel at laying all my new strongholds down at the foot of the cross is tremendous. So scary. That right there is a stronghold. Fear. I didn't used to be such a scaredy cat. The first day of homework deals with pride. How God hates pride. It is the ultimate disrespect. We place our selves, our thoughts, our whole beings above God. No wonder we fall hard! While I have been watching the news on the horrible earthquake in Haiti I cannot help but think of how God can use us to minister to these poor people. If we will swallow our pride and pour out ourselves, our money, our resources to these pitiful people God will be so glorified and this nation that has long turned it's back to God and His ways may turn from their wicked idolatry and worship the one true God who sets His captives free.

Bless Y'all,


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Kim said...

How absolutely precious are these outfits!!!! :] I am soooo excited! Love you dear friend.