my babies

my babies

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Pictures....Finally

Dancing at the reception!!! So fun!!!

What a beautiful and yummy cake. Chocolate with raspberry filling. Yum!!

Erica and Blake. Such a happy couple. This is their favorite picture.

Me and my two girls. I cannot believe they are so grown-up.

What a sweet couple.

I have over 350 more pictures and nothing would please me more than to share these with the world but I really won't........maybe The whole day was just wonderful for Erica and Blake with only a couple of small issues. The reception was such fun and the food was great and the cake was so good. I only cried at one point on my dear friend Cathy's shoulder. They had a marvelous honeymoon and are settling into married life really well. They have been to my house for Sunday lunch after church every Sunday. I must say that pleases this southern mama just real fine, too. Now....I need me some grandbabies!!!!!

Bless Y'all,


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