my babies

my babies

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's official...I have lost it!

"The Happy Couple"

Hey Y'all,

This has been a very harried week. Erica had her last shower and it was HUGE!!! She and Blake got so much stuff it was unreal. Two more packages arrived today. I was so nervous about this shower I could have thrown up. But instead I kept my fingers in the chocolate fountain. It was divine. A dear sweet friend made the curtest cupcakes you ever saw. They were orange swirl with buttercream frosting, chocolate with little leaves and acorns on them and apple spice with creamcheese frosting. I gained 3 pounds licking the box. I just finished making the pew markers and I have no fingerprints left. Hot glue is straight from the pit of hell. Honest to goodness I have never cussed more in my life than when I was putting these things together. A sweet, precious, "Sister-Sue Better Than You", said to me at church last night, "Well, I guess you need to get on your knees about that cussing." I responded, "Actually, I probably need to get flat on face to tell the truth." I am too smart-mouthed for my own good. Last week was a very pressure filled week for me. I am doing better this week, with lots of prayer and tears, that is. I have several dear friends who are praying for me right now. Most have no clue as to why but praying they are. That is what is so wonderful when you have lost it...Sisters just pray, they do not ask. This is such a random post because my mind is in A.D.D. overdrive. I need to finish about 3 or 4 centerpeices for the reception and put together the favor bags and I think I will be ready...for the most part. I promise I will post some pictures of all these crafty things I have been working on and putting together. Some of them are really pretty...if I say so myself. I just hope that in the rest home I don't cut loose with a hot glue gun! With no fingerprints I'll never be caught!!!!!

Bless Y'all,


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