my babies

my babies

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Darling Wedding!!!

Hey Y'all,

We went to a darling wedding over the weekend of a childhood friend of my girls. I have known Jennifer since birth and her mom and I have been friends for years. Her baby got married just 3 weeks before mine!!! The wedding spirit is alive in my house! Here are a few pictures from the reception.

The Future, Mr & Mrs Martin...Blake and Erica on the dance floor

The beautiful bride, Jennifer and her sweet big brother Justin

The current college and career Sunday school class at our church. Kyle and Jennifer are the first to marry. Blake and Erica are next!!

Weddings are just so fun. Of course I cried my eyes out at the ceremony. It was just so precious watching these two young people pledge their lives together before God. Very serious committment. I just pray that this young couple, as well as my own future married couple, stay focused on that very committment they make before God. As hard (and it is VERY hard at times) as marriage is life outside the will and presence of God is harder. Pray for all these young folks! The world is just waiting to grab them.

Bless Y'all,


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