my babies

my babies

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a WEEK!!!

Hey Y'all,

I am so sorry that I haven't checked in but the beginning of the school year kills me. My shopping trip with my cousin was fantastic. She got so many cute things. I forced her to try on stuff she would never pick up and she was very impressed with some designs that she had feared for so long. The worst thing that can happen girls is you look awful. How many of us say that on a daily basis anyway??? Megan did great her first week of school. She really likes her schedule this semester and is really trying hard to graduate on time. She has a boyfriend that is as country as her and he lives here so I am sure she will keep Interstate 40 busy every weekend. His name is Thad and she is just crazy about him and he is her too. David and I both just love him. We have known him and his family our whole lives and they are "good people" as my mama says. We got Erica's bridal portraits back and they turned out so pretty. Pretty is really not a strong enough word but my daughters tell me that I am too biased about them. If I saw these photos in a book I would say, "What an outstandingly beautiful young lady that is!!" I do not think that sounds biased at all. The school year for me has started out pretty good. So many cute, new little faces. So far there have not been too many tears from the little ones. Some of the teachers are crying though!!! We did have one really sad event this week. One of our little first grade girls found her mommy dead in their bathroom on Thursday morning of this week. I know this family and they have attended my church off and on for years. This mom actually grew up in my church but wandered away some as an adult. She was only 41 years old. This has just broken my heart for this family. You just never know ladies, so hold onto those friendships and family members tight. It really may be the last time you see them. This mom walked her little first grader into her classroom just the morning before. Pray for them because they are really going to have some hard, tough days ahead.

Bless Y'all,


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