my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching up, I'm waaayyy behind!

Hey Y'all,

This week is very busy one for me. VBS ended with a terrific program Sunday night. Many children made professions for Jesus and to say the least I cried my eyes out as they went forward. So brave and bold. No wonder Jesus says unless we come as a little child. They could care less who is looking!! Anyway, on to this week. My house is a wreck with bridal/wedding stuff/college stuff. This weekend is Erica and Blake's first big shower. It is an outdoor pool party/bbq for his entire family and our entire family. Let's see how these two worlds collide!! Some of Blake's people are coming from as far away as Wilmington and Washington DC. So there is no cancelling. Of course there is a 50% chance of rain. I am super praying for blessed heat and dryness! Erica is having her bridal portraits made Saturday morning. Then we rush home to prepare for the shower for that night. Then we get up on Sunday morning to move Megan back to college. Her storage unit is up that day and it is her campus apartments move in day so......Yippee! What fun! I am so looking forward to August 17th I can't stand it! Monday never looked so good. I go back to work the next day too! SOB! School will start the very next week. That is also hard to believe. Where is life going? It is happening too fast and I am barely hanging on!! It was just yesterday I was having lunch under the coffee table with Megan while the Muppet Babies was on TV. She was there crying over her sister going to kindergarten and having no playmate other than me and her dogs. Now fast forward 36 seconds and I have one getting married and the other headed off out from my wing and about to be 21 years old. Is my rest home bed ready yet? I hope so!

Bless Y'all,


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