my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hey Y'all,

From Left to right and top to bottom, my wonderful "Sisters" Kim, Angie, Sherry, Sandra, Kelley and me

I just returned yesterday from the "Deeper Still" event at Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. It was amazing. The music was just flat out wor-ship-ful. Travis Cottrell is not only a terrific singer, he is a Godly man. He could preach a sermon, no doubt. The whole event was one big fellowship time with God. I have a whole new respect for Kay Arthur. That is the sharpest mind I have ever been witness to. She is 75 and went for 2+ solid hours on Friday night. Walked all over that coliseum and taught on 13 chapters from the book of Hebrews from her memory. Yes, it was most assuredly a God-Thing. No longer could I be a casual Christian. God is serious about us and we had better be serious about Him. Priscilla Shirer is fabulous. I know that my God is a God of now and will go beyond, beyond for me and for you. In Ephesians 3:20-21 we are told that we have the power of God working within us. This word, power, is from the Greek word "dutimus" from which we get the English word dynamite. We have the power of dynamite within us! We serve a dynamite God, ladies!!! Beth Moore finished the weekend up with the Bread of Life. I learned that I can live by bread alone. The bread Jesus has to offer. Nothing or anyone will satisfy my soul like Him. Period. He is our Manna. She taught me that I cannot bring anothers offering to the table. I have my own to bring. No matter how shabby, worn out and pitiful it is. Jesus wants it and I need to bring it. He will bring it forth and it shall Kay taught me that when we marry Faith with God we get...Rest. God calls us to rest in Him. I don't think my friends and I who went will ever forget the things we took in and allowed God to weld into our hearts. God wants to fellowship with us. Wants to, dear ones. Wants to. God desires to fellowship with me...and you. My friend Kelley said she struggled with that because she never felt like why she was important enough for God to really consider fellowshipping with her. We are so important to God. He wants to go beyond my beyond for me. To do immeasurably more than ALL I could ever, ever imagine or dream. He is able. Will He? That is for God to decide. He is sovereign. But God is able. That is where my faith must marry with God and I must rest in His sovereignty. The whole time was a small taste of what heaven will be like. We laughed, danced, sang and worshipped the one True God. There is no one like Jehovah. I pray that each lady there came away with a new appreciation of Jesus and for each other. We took several pictures and I will post some of my darling Accountability Sisters as soon as I can. What I would not give to do events like this more often. The knowledge and scripture was so valuable to me. I love learning and digging in the Word. It made me want to go Deeper Still with Jesus. That, ladies is a new mercy each day.

Bless Y'all


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I absolutely love it! :) love~Kim