my babies

my babies

Friday, June 12, 2009

When will women get a clue???????

Hey Y'all,

I went to the gym not once but twice yesterday. I did the Total Body Sculpting class and then returned 3 hours later to do the Zumba class with my girls. To reward myself for being so disciplined I ate a bowl of low fat ice cream. Yum-Yum. While at the gym, being the non-stop people watcher, I was amazed at the outfits some women wear to "workout". I myself had on my daughters' old middle school gym shorts and a tank top from the clearance rack at Walmart. Classy stuff. What I want to know is when women will get a clue that tight biker shorts do not ever look good. Especially paired with a sports bra and no top. This is even more attractive while running on a treadmill while your back fat covers most of the strap and your muffin top is inflated then fell over your biker shorts!!!! These women think all the stares mean one thing when it really means something else. Women please!!!! Wake up. Cover yourself up and just workout. I have no desire nor does anyone else to see every nook and cranny of your body. Also, stop hanging out with the guys on their side lifting flimsy 5 pound weights while these young 17 year old BOYS are power-lifting 800 pounds or something to the like. They are not interested in you. And shame on you for trying to make them be. I could just slap somebody silly!! I am sorry if I sound so irate but I am. There are so many beautiful, sweet and precious ladies that get in their heads that they need to turn a head or have someone make a comment. This is not becoming. I realize that some of these women are just plain old "hoochie mamas". They think because they can squeeze in a size 4 tiny little thing that they are good to go. You are not. Dress age appropriately. There comes a time when the mini-skirt hits the trashcan. Ultra-low slung jeans are a no-no and baring your tummy with it's new belly button ring is just plain trashy. Also, keep your new additions from spilling out of too-tight tank tops and put them in a bra. They might not ever need one anymore but please spare the world all your details. We think modesty in young girls is hard pressed. Go to your local gym, pool or mall and watch some of these 40 plus women walking around. Heartbreaking. Remember ladies there is no old knee cream out there nor is there a neck cream that really works. You can look stylish, modern and classy without showing off one part of your body. Also, aging is a part of life. Each wrinkle I have is earned. I'd like to think these crows feet came from all the time I have spent in prayer with my eyes tightly shut. But they are probably just plain old laugh lines. Now, I do think every old barn needs a fresh coat of paint. You can wear make-up, jewelry and dress nicely. Just do us a favor? Don't overdo.

Bless Y'all


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