my babies

my babies

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Weekend....

Hey Y'all,

I love Monday mornings. Home by myself, picking up the clutter, catching up emails, bills, snail-mail etc... This was Father's Day weekend. I did myself proud and grilled out several meats and dug some new potatoes to broil. A real "man's meal". Meat-n- Tators. I even let all the men eat in the cool house and all the womenfolk ate outside around the pool. It was a beautiful evening too. I even let all the dogs beg around our feet. By the way, I am beginning to really strongly dislike Darla. She is my indoor snob dog. David says only snobs have dogs like her. For 3 days now she has been using my formal dining room as a bathroom. She is doing it on purpose too. She is a very spiteful little thing. Please pray for her. Every time I get out my Bible or try to do some homework for a study or Sunday School she aggravates the life out of me. When my small group of "sisters" comes over she is relentless. I have explained salvation to her numerous times but she has a heart of stone. I even told her that all dogs don't go to heaven. She just shrugs her little shoulders. I told her just this morning that she is pushing 13 and time is running out. Hard hearted thing. My other dogs will be in heaven and I have a few there already. One went straight to doubt. Mean thing. I want Darla in heaven with me but it isn't looking to good for her. Also this weekend my Sunday School class finally finished an in-depth study on the book of Matthew. I think it took us all of 2 years. It gave verse by verse a whole new meaning. Next week we start an in depth study on Revelations. I think that will take at least 25 years. Jesus will come back before we get half way through! On Friday I had lunch with a dear friend at a neat restaurant downtown. She is so savvy at new stuff. I know this is so random but I am thinking backwards as I type. Right now I wish I was swimming but my solar blanket is on my pool and I can't take it off alone so I am stuck doing housework. I think I have a rash from it too. Have a great day!!!

Bless Y'all,


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