my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hey Y'all,

Yesterday I moved my girl, Megan, home from NC State. In all my driving life I have never had a blowout. Yesterday, I did. We were heading towards Raleigh on interstate 40 and all of a sudden Megan asked, "What is that noise?" Praise Jesus. He was driving my SUV. My car never wavered and I was right at a perfect exit where a large gas station and shopping center were located. When my husband and a friend showed up I was so grateful. I really didn't want to ask a stranger to help me change this tire. When David took the tire off he was amazed. The entire inside of the tire was blown away and steel threads were sticking out all over. It looked like my tire had been shot. He took my car right away and had 4 new tires put on. This delayed our trip by about three hours but instead of complaining I kept the thought that God was somehow getting us to Raleigh later for a reason. I know that He protected us during this blowout and so I know there was a reason we got there later and got back home later. All I know home is so sweet with all my little chicks back in the roost. This is my last summer with my girls. Erica is getting married in the fall and Megan will head back down to Raleigh in late August so I am hoarding all the time I get with these two ladies. Working for the school system is really nice because I have the summer off. Erica is working her new career job and Megan is a lifeguard for the summer so I will have plenty of time alone. But we will have supper together as a family each night. That is something we really think is important too. David and I have never done the eat when you want kind of suppers. Even on his busy schedule he asks are the girls eating too? It is the only time we can catch up, discuss stuff, argue and laugh as a family unit. The older the girls get and the busier lives become the term Home Sweet Home gets sweeter and sweeter.

Bless Y'all,


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