my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day For Mothers

Hey Y'all,

It is Sunday evening on Mother's Day. My husband is asleep in his recliner, one daughter is watching the Hurricanes and Bruins hockey game while yakking on the phone and the other one is playing Tetris with her fiance'. I am pecking away on my trusty desktop in the dining room. This has been a good Mother's Day for me. Quiet. Restful. Lots of fun with my sister and our mom. We grilled out hot dogs (my mom's favorite food) and cut a super watermelon open and ate outside with the dogs lurking for any scrap that may fall. I love days like this. No stress or pressure. Just hanging out and around with people you can love easily. Why can't all days be like this? Church was very good. A touching service from our Pastor who just lost his own mom a month ago at the age of 84. It made me so glad to still have my own mom around. I really want my girls to be glad I am around (if I still am!!) when they are my age. I want to enjoy Mother's Day with grandchildren and my sons in law and their families too. I love extended families piling all together for a get-together. Days like today make me very reflective on why sometimes there are such hard days in family life. Is it pride and selfishness worming there ugly heads into the nest? Is it insensitivity and inconsiderate attitudes fighting to get to the front? I wish all days could be about someone else. Like daughter's day or son's day or cousin's on your father's side once removed day! Wouldn't that be weird? I like the idea of everyone gathering together to focus on an individual person or persons. That is how life should be. Focused. Centered. But not on people. On Jesus. When that happens not one family member will feel slighted or hurt or left out. We all work together for a common goal and for a common purpose. To glorify a Holy Sovereign God. There would be no room for bad attitudes, bitter words or jealous thoughts. Pure. Simple adoration of the Father. Even on Mother's Day.

Bless Y'all,


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