my babies

my babies

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Fam Time

Hey Y'all!

I just got through visiting with my sister. She is so funny! For years and years we really did not get along. At all. Only 10 months seperate us but we live on two poles of the earth. Ideals, lives, the whole works. But as time goes on we both have kinda merged a little. I am relaxing (a little) and she is constricting. I have been married to the same guy for pushing 26 years. some days it feels like 62 but...whatever. she is going through her third divorce. I have been telling her for years to stop with the fixer uppers. She is no good at reconstruction. Even through really hard and sometimes bad times we have always had plenty to laugh at in our quirky family. She and I walked over to our mothers house. I live next door to my parents. Blessing??? Most of the time! Now when you put all of us women together we all talk at the same time about 20 different subjuects but within at least an hour or so we have intertwined the stories to fit one conversation that makes perfect sense to us. Many times strangers just look at us with that salck-jawed look at just say, "Huh?" When I say stranger I am talking about family outsiders. You see, to us you can be born into our family and your "in". You can marry into it and you run the risk of being cast out. this is the case with my sisters' ex-husbands. Several people have been cast out over the years. This does not always come from divorce. You can make some of us mad enough that we just don't include you in the inner loop anymore. We run quite a caste system in this group of hillbillies! On a rare occasion you can work your way back into the inner loop but it takes some mighty hard work. There are cookouts to host, clothes to mend, yard sales to have and pies and cakes to bake. Can take you years!! I am so thankful that our heavenly Father does not do this kind of thing in His family. Once your in....your IN! The countless times He should have kicked me to the curb, He just picks me up instead. So precious. We should be that way with our families here on this earth. It is so hard at times. You know we really cannot pick our family members. If we could, let's face it....some of us would never get picked.

Bless Y'all


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