my babies

my babies

Monday, April 20, 2009

Memories & Cards

Hey Y'all,

I was at WalMart the other day and I stopped at the card section. Two things: I have a REAL love/hate relationship with that store. Do they ever stop stocking? Do they ever use all 41 registers?? The second thing is I LOVE cards. I used to be such a great encourager. Mailing out 6 or 7 each week to people that God laid on my heart. Now I still believe this is a gift i have but I am very guilty of not using it to its' full potential. I mail cards from time to time but I have gotten out of the habit with all the other stuff life throws at you. But we all have stuff. You know? Anyway, I was looking at Mother's Day cards. Some are so funny and some are so sweet that I was crying like a loon right there in WalMart. Have you ever seen some woman (it is never a man) crying or laughing hysterically in the card section? I have and I have been her on many occasions. Once I laughed so hard that snot flew all over the card I had in my hand so I had to buy it. I am sure y'all really needed to know that but I will keep it a secret to whom I sent it to!!! So while I was flipping through the cards looking for one for my own mom I saw a new kind of card. It was one to a daughter on her first Mother's Day. It was so beautiful and so full of emotion. It said how proud that the mother of this daughter was to see her own daughter become a mother. The picture of the baby was too precious. So...I bought it. Now I do not even have a daughter who is even remotely thinking of a baby. My oldest daughter is getting married this fall but no shotgun is involved. Thank you, Jesus. My other dughter is in school and again thank you, Jesus. But when I saw this card I could not resist. I cannot wait to give it to either one of my girls on their first Mother's Day. It brought so many memories of those sweet cards, pictures and flowers that my babies gave me years ago. When I look at them I remember all the hugs and kisses that I got after Sunday school when they made handprint pictures and grew marigolds in paper cups and said I was the best mommy ever. Precious memories are better than gold folks...better I tell you. What a privilige to see that happening for my own girls. I will hopefully get to see it for many Mother's Days to come. But for now I will place that precious card with the Easter outfit I have already bought for one of my granddaughters. I am, at least, prepared!

Bless Y'all,


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