my babies

my babies

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Deeeeep questions, From my 20 year old

Hey Y'all,

I just got off the phone with my sweet girl, Megan. She is away at school where many liberal, free thinking, worldly people live and I pray for this youngn' ALL THE TIME!!! It is fierce how our enemy works on these young adults. Anyway, she has been discussing her Christian beliefs, values and scriptures with her neighbors. Today she called with some really hard and deep questions. Did God create evil? Did God know Satan would turn against Him? Why is there sin anyway? If God is sovreign why didn't he stop all the horrible atrocities that happened all through time and now? Needless, to say I quit washing up my supper dishes. I answered her in the best and most scriptural way I could and gave her several references to go to. I am so proud of her and the way she stands for her beliefs. She doesn't have all the answers and heaven knows I don't either but i told her that God is sovreign and He is not up in heaven wringing His holy hands and saying, "Wow, I sure didn't see that coming!?" I just know that as time goes on and sin gets more and more like a virus spreading at a rampant rate all over this world that I look more and more toward the eastern sky for Jesus to come and take us home. My heart breaks for the many that will not take that trip. Family, friends, co-workers and just people who refuse to believe or think that God will wait on them to make "that" decision. What they sadly do not realize is that God does not live on our time. I think that is what bothers me the most about our world. So many people are swayed and lulled into believing that God is just waiting for us to ask Him for stuff. Like, blessings, money, health...all kinds of stuff. Like our own personal genie. We are here to serve Him. When we start clouding that with ourselves we mess up the picture. God does love us and wants to bless us...His way. Often times though we don't like the blessings He gives us. Hard times that later turn weeping into joy are wonderful blessings. Like I told my daughter, sin is what keeps us away from God but when we realize that He lifts us out of that miry pit and we know that we so need the hand of a savior to make that climb. We serve a God of re's...Redemption, Reception, Revealing, Restoring and on and on. I for one am so glad for that New Mercy...each day.

Bless Y'all,


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