my babies

my babies

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have been stoned

Hey Y'all!

Yesterday, after a very stressful couple of weeks, I cashed in 3 gift cards at a salon/spa. I had my first "Hot Stone Massage" and a lucious pedicure. Ladies, it was beyond wonderful. I was so nervous because for the first time I agreed to use the male massuese at the salon I went to. The other one is Russian and I am sure served in the Gestapo. Extremely large and strong hands...enough said, but so you know she made me cry into the triangle you put your face down into. So I chose Kavan (pronounced Kevin but whatever?) To be honest I thought he would be rough or perverted and yes, even gay. But he was a wonderful young man with a lovely wife and new baby girl. So much for my judgemental attitude. Just keeping it real y'all. He rubbed my back, shoulders. legs, neck, arms and even my hands and fingers with this luscious oil and pressed wonderfully hot smooth stones over all these muscle groups. Heaven! I did let him know before we ever started that I am the most tense woman in the world. Period. I do not know how to relax at all. When told to relax I get tighter and even more inflexible. He did admit that I needed more work and was full of knots but he did a marvelous job and I will get another one of these asap! I would love to be a "spa tester" for a career choice. I think I would do an excellent job. Not much demand for that profession though. But I also would love a pedicure chair installed in my living room. That is the first thing I would buy if I ever got really rich. Keep the fancy cars and furcoats. Give me a pedicure chair with heat and massage controls! Maybe I could afford Kavan to come over and stone my whole family!

Bless Y'all


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