my babies

my babies

Friday, February 6, 2009

It is the weekend!!!!!

Hey Y'all!

This has been one long week. Even though we had one snow day off from school and two days that were on 2 hour delays I am exhausted. I am so looking forward to doing nothing I can't stand it. Of course there is PLENTY to do. Mountains of laundry, groceries to buy, meals to cook, rooms to clean and on and on and on. Wait! Didn't I just do all that stuff like 15 minutes ago??!! It never ends. That may be why I think I am developing an allergy to housework too. Like crafts it seems to be something that must be done often. What I would really like is to live like the Jetsons did. With a practically self-cleaning house. All I ever saw Rosie do was carry a feather duster around. Jane was just the coolest housewife ever to live I think. She even had practically do it your self make-up. And speaking of make-up. I just got some new Bare Minerals in from QVC and I love it! I think my last post said something to the effect that I should look a whole lot younger with all the potions I use on myself. I am working on it girls! As hard as I can! A sweet assistant to today told me my make-up looked really good, so see it is working. I know this is so random in thought and words but that is how tired I am. I think I will rest my wearily eyes before cooking supper and then going to the gym with my daughter for a torture that is indescribable. (exercise) I almost do believe that is a profane word. I am fast becoming allergic to exercise too.

Bless Y'all!


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