my babies

my babies

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cleaning my house.....

Today is a holiday (Presidents' Day) so there is no school!!! On Mondays my house is kind of in a wreck so today would be ideal to clean and straighten it up. Did I ever mention my allergies to housework? I really should be in an institution or group home at the least. Anyway, cleaning house always makes me go into a kind of praying and/or talking with God mood. I am usually alone when these tasks fall upon our home. Imagine that ladies? So what better time to also clean the "spiritual house"? This year I have resolved to keep short tabs with God on my behavior, attitudes and issues. I am such a control freak (Tracy, pay attention) that I also want to bring many others behaviors, issues and the like to God while I am at it. This is not my job. It is Gods' job through the Holy Spirit. I can bring their names up to God over and over and over. My concerns and cares about them, but it really is not my job to tell God how they need fixin'. Nothing would please my bossy mind more than to have the world I live in live like I want them to live. Notice, I said "the world I live in"? It is small and minute in the big scheme of things but I would love to be the Queen of that little world! I am learning that God will and can use all crisis of our lives to draw us closer to Him. To depend on Him for every and all things. He commands us to "Cast ALL our cares upon Him." Not just the one we pick and choose. Not just the big ones or the ones we have finally given up on. All. So hard!!! One of my biggest cares is my own home. I so desire many things to be different. Who doesn't? I am not so naive that I think everyone else has a perfect home but I really do think that all women desire certain things in their homes. Not belongings but qualities. So today while I am scrubbing toilets, tubs and doing laundry I will be on my knees cleaning more ways than one.

Bless Y'all


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